Carpets have made a welcome comeback in our homes. We all know the difference it makes to have a thick, soft carpet underfoot when you step out of bed! Fitted with a thick underlay, so many people remark ” I don’t need to get into bed – I can just sleep on the floor!” And that’s how soft and comfortable carpet makes a room. It will give you warmth, and great sound insulation, particularly if you’re tired of hearing a lot of clumping around on a wooden floor, where every footstep is heard.

Carpet is also the preference for many stairs. Stairs can also be so noisy, but more importantly, a wooden stairs is quite slippery. Carpet is a safer option on a stairs, and there’s far less clatter! It also gives a warm, inviting look to an entrance hall.

Prices can go from quite reasonably priced, right up to the “Rolls Royce” quality, and everything in between. You can fit your carpet without underlay for an economic option, but a thick underlay transforms the feel of the carpet, and adds to the life of it. Many carpets are now available in an extra-wide width, for the large rooms often seen in homes, where you can have a carpet with no joining.

We include our fitting in the prices generally – a little more is added for stairs fittings, which is more difficult and time-consuming.
We also supply contract carpeting for offices, retail and school areas.