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living room furniture for sale in north cork

The fashion and trends in suites, couches and chairs are ever-changing – so is our stock.

The fashion and trends in suites, couches and chairs are ever-changing. We constantly update our stock, striving to keep the latest colours and fabrics on display, whilst making sure the quality and value for money is the best available.

Everyone has different criteria for their upholstered furniture – some people like great back support, some like the really modern look of a low back, and soft, squishy cushions with bright throw cushions to highlight – we try to keep, in stock for immediate delivery, as many options as possible for our customers.

Leather suites are still very popular for those who really want something that’s easily wipable, where the household is very busy and accidents can happen! We have really high-quality real leather to choose from in different colours, but we also have excellent qualities of synthetic leathers, that are really strong and durable.

Soft, tactile fabric upholstery is also very popular, and it feels so luxurious! Many of our suites are covered in fabric now, and it’s surprisingly easy to maintain as well, with a little extra care.

Gone are the days of the standard three-seater and two chairs in every sitting room….with us, you have the option of buying each piece separately, according to what suits your room. You can get a three-seater and one chair… or two two-seaters….or simply two armchairs, reclining or not! It all depends on what combination suits you and your room.

Corner suites of course are very popular, giving multiple seating in a compact grouping. We find that they are now hugely popular, and have several different types in stock, again in stock for immediate delivery! With an option of matching chairs, or additional sofas.

Even when you choose couches or chairs from us that are not in stock in our warehouse, we very often have them in stock for delivery within one or two weeks…not seven or eight as is in many of the large chainstores. We deliver, unwrap and place your furniture just as you would like it, assembled if required and with legs on.

We have many, many feature armchairs on display that can be used in any room or hall. They can be quite unique in colour, as many people like to use an accent chair in their room, that compliments yet brightens the other pieces. Footstools are frequently available to match, encouraging you to sit back and relax! We find many of our customers like to have their “own chair” – one that fits their posture and give the comfort level that they like. Come in and try some of them!


carpet on stairs

Carpets have made a welcome comeback

Carpets have made a welcome comeback in our homes. We all know the difference it makes to have a thick, soft carpet underfoot when you step out of bed! Fitted with a thick underlay, so many people remark ” I don’t need to get into bed – I can just sleep on the floor!” And that’s how soft and comfortable carpet makes a room. It will give you warmth, and great sound insulation, particularly if you’re tired of hearing a lot of clumping around on a wooden floor, where every footstep is heard.

Carpet is also the preference for many stairs. Stairs can also be so noisy, but more importantly, a wooden stairs is quite slippery. Carpet is a safer option on a stairs, and there’s far less clatter! It also gives a warm, inviting look to an entrance hall.

Prices can go from quite reasonably priced, right up to the “Rolls Royce” quality, and everything in between. You can fit your carpet without underlay for an economic option, but a thick underlay transforms the feel of the carpet, and adds to the life of it. Many carpets are now available in an extra-wide width, for the large rooms often seen in homes, where you can have a carpet with no joining.

We include our fitting in the prices generally – a little more is added for stairs fittings, which is more difficult and time-consuming.
We also supply contract carpeting for offices, retail and school areas.


New fabric and leather reclining couches and chairs

New suites have arrived, in three-seaters, two seaters, and chairs, available individually or in any desired grouping. We have cloth, leather and pellaria which is a high-quality synthetic.  Most popular colours are greys and taupes, and a very rich chestnut.  We have larger and smaller models, to suit a customer’s needs. We find our customers are looking for good back support in their chairs, and we endeavour to source the most supportive and long-lasting furniture that we can find.

Many of our suites are available with and without recliners, including the couches.  There’s nothing more comfortable than stretching out and relaxing after a hard day!

blue carpet on sale

Adventurous New Colours in Carpeting

This is a stunning new colour from Axminster Carpets’ Devonia range, a high-quality wool carpet. We are seeing more people are becoming adventurous with their decor and colour choices, getting away from too much “neutral”. We also find our customers wanting more luxurious quality, which thick underlay, to give a sumptuous feel underfoot. And carpet is making a very strong return as the floor covering of choice, particularly in bedrooms, where we need a little more comfort and cosiness!

new colours in carpeting


respa mattresses north cork

A Good Nights Sleep

We are a north cork stockist of Respa mattresses. Our Respa Mattresses offer the latest innovations that have made Respa a clear leader in providing comfortable mattresses year after year. Respa’s selection offer:

Undisturbed Sleep
Respaform pocket springs designed to move freely, adjusting to support you without disturbing your partner.

Fewer Aches and Pains
Respaform spring technology distributes your weight evenly, promoting a comfortable sleep, promotes proper back support which can reduce pressure points and back pain.

Balanced sleeping temperatures
New Respagel mattresses infused with Gel offers a cooler sleep by evaporating any moisture or humidity in your mattress.

Allergy relieving comfort
Sleepfresh technology combined with Purotex pro-biotic microcapsules active allergen control, creating a fresh dry and hygienic sleeping environment.

Contact us to order your mattress, we stock a large range of sizes and can often deliver on the same day that you order. We deliver to Cork, Kerry and Limerick.

respa mattress supplier