Pat Burke’s have been fitting carpets and vinyls since 1979. When Pat Burke originally opened in Kanturk, he was already renowned for his expert fitting, and customers came from miles around for his quality service.

That tradition has remained with us… John Murphy and James O’Neill have been fitting our carpets and vinyls for many, many years, and guarantee a professional, dependable, and friendly service. (Pat has given up the fitting, but still gives his valued advice!)

John and Patricia are on hand at all times, to offer honest and expert advice on the various qualities and price ranges of floorings.  We have a combined 75 years of experience, and we’re only delighted to share it with our customers.

We measure and quote for free and without obligation, and our displayed prices include fitting, as nearly everything we sell, we fit…there is a small extra charge for fitting stairs and bathrooms, as they’re small and time consuming.

Our carpet and vinyl suppliers are the best in the country, including Phloor, Furlongs, Ulster, Hogans, Provincial Floorcoverings, National Flooring, Axminster and Victoria Carpets. In our shop, we stock a large range of carpet and vinyls, and we order special pieces for our customers on a daily basis, from various depots around Ireland and the U.K. The average wait time is under one week – if you’re in BIG hurry, we can often fit your carpet or flooring within a day or two!

When fitting carpet, we recommend underlay in many situations, as it gives such a wonderful bounce and luxurious feel.  As a matter of policy, we only use the best 11mm thick, super-dense underlay….there’s no point in saving €20 or €30 in a big room, to put up with an inferior product.

Textures, colours and qualities are up-to-the-minute and on-trend, including stripes, plains and patterns, as well as the very popular super-soft thick piles. Extra-wide widths are readily available, meaning fewer, if any, joinings in a large room.

Synthetic fibres are also now incredibly durable and are virtually all stain-resistant and spots can be cleaned with a bleach solution. This has revolutionised carpets, and means that wool carpets, although still marvellous for long-term durability, have been over-taken by the new, thick synthetics. You don’t have to spend a fortune now to get a really good carpet, in fact they can be extremely reasonable!

Vinyl flooring has taken a huge leap forward, in terms of patterns and quality. You don’t need to spend much to have a gorgeous floor fitted, in either wood or tile pattern, or in a plain colour, and your friends won’t believe that it’s floorcovering. The various patterns and styles are really lovely, and our fitters do such a good job, it’s hard to distinguish from the real thing, but easier to maintain than any other type of flooring. Qualities are excellent, giving a cushion to walk on while being super-durable. These are also available in a variety of widths, which means you can suit a small room without having to pay for waste.

We also have a very large selection of rugs to enhance any room in the house, in beautiful colours and patterns, including the increasingly popular thick, shaggy piles.

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